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NOAH AND THE WHALE : Wild Thing lyrics

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NOAH AND THE WHALE lyrics : "Wild Thing"

Time can make more rubble out of dreams than anything
In a quiet neighborhood where she's living without wings
There's eyes behind the curtains and there's ears below the floor

Cracks inside the ceiling and there's shadows at the door

The boredom stirs a rage inside her soul

A rage that reaches out and takes control
Baby she's a wild thing [x4]

Nine days out alone
Sleep in the dirt
She walks back into town

With blood stains on her shirt
Everyone has questions
But no one wants to know

How far the anger in someone
Can really make them go

Her tangled hair and mud stains on her knees
Bruised ribs and rips on the side of her jeans
Baby she's a wild thing [x4]

Well I used to be a citizen in this town
'Til my teeth turned gray and my hair fell out

All the civil decent people, they don't want to know
But a girl looking for trouble said she'd give me a go

While everybody's sleeping in this town this night
From the crooked clock tower to the borderline
And night star static in the winter breeze

She's lying in the moonlight with her hands between my knees

She says it's all right

Well, it's all right by me

Baby she's a wild thing [x4]

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