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NOA JAMES lyrics : "The Orca"

So I dream and I put in work (7x)

I'm focused on me, we, and the scene,

smoking potent green, panoramic view,
floatin overseas, I think this road's for me,
so I dream and put in work,

when I plant them seeds,
and when u see them trees,
you'll know my worth,

I just want a peace of mind,
a piece of pie, reach the sky, past the sky,
acid high, before I die, speak my peace,

humble beast, show respect,
what you give out you get it right back, blessed, yes

The mighty I.E., we have grown up,
not screaming we on next we want to be owners,
and hate don't own us,

be great what he told us,
he's never late we just gotta show up,
so you gotta get up get out and do something,

because, you and I gotta do for you and I, that's why
I go in with an open mind and my queen got a Oprah grind

So i dream and put in work (2x)
When you plant them seeds, and you see them trees,
you will know your worth

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