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NO USE FOR A NAME lyrics : "Best Regards"

Don't take it so hard,
we're not against you
It's really not that bad,

It's just that they
want you to think that it is
I'm over the past but I can't defend you

so I'll say it one last time before I leave
that life behind

It's easy to abuse the friends that end up screwed
just take one for the team, I hope you're happy

It's hard to believe that once
there was something
there's something to be said for sinking

the ship that I wanted to sail
you don't have a clue,
you never can and never will

but I'll suck it up and lie,
with all my dignity and pride

These words can't say it all,
you're feeling ten feet tall
and stronger everyday,

I've learned to walk
I've learned to walk away

So easy to confuse another lie that's true
you'll find out for yourself,
I hope you're hap

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