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No Service Project lyrics : "Taking Back Thursday"

Livin' this life ain't nothin' but a joke
I can think all day and watch my brain smoke

I figured it out that I can't figure out %#@!
And if I did I wouldn't know what to do about it
So I'll sit and rot in my star struck setting

These unoriginal screamo bands be stealin' all the pennies
Not that I'm petty but there used to be plenty
Now the Warped Tour blue up sold out

'N half the bands still work at Denny's

Loser, a boozer, a dirty lazy bum

Actually I prefer to be called AHH! dumb
You won't see me on video or hear me on radio star
Just pull on into the station and pay me to pump gas in your car

Do whatever's in, don't hesitate
Jump on the line and wait

Do what you do and do it great
Before the phase deflates

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