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No Service Project lyrics : "May"

When the cold air finally thaws it's a cure-all for depression
December took my happiness with such ease and aggression

When I'm finished packing up I'm gonna head out to the coast
The oxygen I'll breathe in isn't the same air that I know
The sun collapses eyelids leaves a crack across your mouth

Like summer slapped your face and just said, "Shut the $#&@ up now!"
Forget the place that I have been
The second I take it all in

Come this May

I dig my hands into the sand and watch them wash away
Sweet breeze I'm sold
Anticipation made an enemy inside of me

Leave me alone

Looking back on it now my sweat still beads ice cold

Like a refreshing reminder to my skin of nights old
My only innocent pleasure, a simple change in the weather
Just keep the senses on defrost and trust that the five know

It's here the flower season
Windows down it's hard to believe I'm breathing
Sunlight eclipses night

Mercury conquers height on the Fahrenheit
And I found out this way
The year doesn't start 'till the first $#&@ing day of May

The rich rich sunlight thaws my heart and soul
And I'm not cold

Come this may/Come this may

The equinox came and some may say

We're like a preheating oven 'till the end of May
An old man lost his breath today but
Hey hey I feel okay

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