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NO INSIDE lyrics : "102"

Let's talk about just you and I.
Nothing else, just close your eyes.
Lay back down, and let's $#&@ around till the sun comes up once more.

And lately, the things I say don't interest you much.
My vision is blurred. My words are slurred. I guess I'll call and say these things.

Don't be scared for too long. Your eyes, they glow with sorrow.

It's cold outside, so don't be long.

You don't have to say there's something wrong. I can see clearly.
Legs crossed, arms in X's. Still thinking about your $#&@ing ex.

You'll say, "Whats wrong?" I'll lie, "I'm just fine." Thinking about the nights to come. The sleepless nights, they're all your fault.

When you're all alone, I know you think of me. When you're all alone, I know you do. I know you do.

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