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NO HONOUR lyrics : "Our Fight"

Time may not be on our side,This fight may seem to much,
For what lies below, Is our reason to try
No matter if we win or lose, It's worth every last breath we have

Family is all that matters to us
We won't let this stand in our way

Your life is too precious to let slip,
They dont see the battle you fought,
This may have got the better of you,

But you never gave up,
Wishing for better things, to change you life,

So tie me up and leave me at sea, I'll find my way back home (Find my way back home)
I'll always find my way,
Through these rough seas (Through these rough seas)

I'll find my way

Now as we lay your ashes, we say goodbye

I hold back the tears for someone so sincere,
This world will not forget the battle you lost,
Or excuse the pain you left,

Please guide me through these treacherous seas,
Give me safe harbor to where I go,

I need you to gide me to where I came from,
I need you in this battle I'm in,

Please help me now.

You left me, at sea

Without knowing who I am.
Or where I'm destined to be, Please look down and watch us,
Please help us win our fight.

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