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NO HONOUR lyrics : "Idle Minds"

I've been trapped with this mind, for too long,
You'll never know what it is to be me.

I pushed so hard, for everything you compelled
But I'll never give into what you beseech.

Now you're trapped in this mind
The devil's got your soul.

Without a question, but a mind full of answers.
These things that used to be so natural
Are finally quaint with the people you can trust.

You raised me up so I could move the mountains.
But you raised me up without promising anything

That meant nothing to you so you can stray afar.
Freed back into a world where you cannot hide.

Where will you run when there's nowhere to hide
And the people you loved are the people that died
The town you once loved, you $#&@ing hate

You're in this rut, but there's no escape
The clocks have stood still
And this time is at essence

No-one will grieve with the loss of your presence
We've ruined lives through our own depression.
We've lost our hopes from constant pressure

This life was too much for me to see
I'm liable for my actions.

But what means the most. Is all we need
Who the $#&@ is your god now?

The devil's inside.
He's got your soul
All hope is gone.

You better $#&@ing run.
Nobody's here to back you up
You won't be back, In this town

Begging for help.

Your never gone

Your life's a joke
I'm never gone.
This towns a joke.

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