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NO HONOUR lyrics : "Heavy Voices"

You said we'd start again
But you borrowed another day
I'm trapped in this mind,

This pain wont stop, Set me free.

Now i'm in this room, so far from home and the pain sets in that I'm all alone,

and there's nobody here to stop this pain from sinking in

Please save me from, Giving up on everything I've ever $#&@ing loved.

With these thoughts there are no actions, this life will always be, a constant struggle to find where I fit in, To see what this world is, and what it has to offer to a human in such abusive pain.

With nobody to stop this
And no-one to heal this pain
Walking through these paths I see a million other faces

Looking back through this mirror, an unforgotten way of taking a life before it's time

As I stand on the edge of this bridge

I can feel my mind, Giving up.
On everything and every one.
In my life.

Does it make me a coward for giving up?
On everything and everyone I ever $#&@ing trusted.

Please God, Help me oh God,
I've given up, On everything,

And everyone in my life
I'm sorry for doing this
For taking the easy escape on this life

I'm sorry for giving up.

This dying pain, Surpassed everything and everyone I ever loved,

My last dying breath, I'll never forget,
This dying pain, I've taken away
By packing up, By leaving town.

I'm sorry for doing this.
For giving up. On everyone.

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