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NO GUTS NO GLORY lyrics : "Zombies Are Pissed"

I eat my brothers to survive, I don't know what's the $#&@ing point:
Why should I care when you don't care?...
Sometimes I fancy an idea, to slay my own creators, but why should I?

Let's eat some flesh. Do I have any feelings? Am I $#&@ing alive?
(If you have no feelings you're not alive).
I eat, I move, I breathe and I'll die like them,

I seek and consume my partners without a $#&@ing tear.
Let's drink their blood before it's cold!
One more disillusion inside of your eyes.

No lights coming out from the depths of your eyes.
I don't care about what's going on around me,
I just want to survive, with or without you.

They didn't steal my life, I sold my free will for some flesh.
Can't you see you're too far gone?...

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