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NO GUTS NO GLORY lyrics : "Two Sides"

Don't come and tell me that your ideas stayed the $#&@ing same,
the scumbags you call your friends turned your words to a sad $#&@ing joke.
You're not the first, hope you're the last,

lack of conviction, I just can't take it.
How come you're so surprised when I say this is my last goodbye?
Don't you know? I meant every word I said.

Every word I $#&@ing spoke. It will not $#&@ing fade.
People will come and go, but convictions will $#&@ing last.
Go $#&@ yourself and your so called friends but don't come $#&@ing back.

I said it once, won't say it twice, you made your choice there's just two sides.
You're meaningless, I'm $#&@ing pissed; your weakness will tear you down.

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