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NLT : Intro (Not Like Them) lyrics

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NLT lyrics : "Intro (Not Like Them)"

What does that mean?
People ask us that question everywhere we go.

Five years ago, our journey began with one kids vision.
One kids vision became two kids dreams.
Two kids dreams became four kids reality.

First we went all over the country looking for that girl,
still looking.
Then, we took it to the big screen

and gave everybody heartburn.
We made some friends along the way,
and we will never let go,

we will keep moving on.


We've made it this far together,

and now,
Karma has brought us here.
NLT is V.

NLT is JJ.
NLT is Kevin.
NLT is Travis.

One rhythm,
one heartbeat.
We are...


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