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NLT FT. VIZIONARY lyrics : "Where Is My Rose"

Now tell me where is my rose?
The on you held close
Promise to never let go

I'm feeling like the beast
And you're were my belle
Love doesn't needs words

So what do I have to tell?
Heard love makes people go crazy
And my lady

I been thinking about you daily
Pulling the pedals off a rose asking
"Does she love me?"

Love just wont let me see


My love,
Don't you know you're all
That I think of

Many days have gone
I'm away from you
Said you'd be at home

Just waiting' by the phone
I still ain't talk to you

My love,
Thought we understood that my heart's true.

I'm running out of time
Girl I need you I
spent up my last dime

I'm not gon' sleep tonight
'Til I hear your voice

Where is my rose?
The one I gave to you

Where is my rose?
Don't say we're through
Where is my rose?

You know I'm missin' you
Has it wilted in the cold
Where is my rose?

(yeah, yeah)
Where is my rose? (Ohhh)

Verse #2
It be wrong if I said I didn't love you

But how could you stop you and me
From being something that was meant to be

Picture it
Cuz im still trying to figure it out
I felt like you were the one

So why would you doubt?

This love that we had

Seemed like it died
In the past
And I don't want this feeling to pass

I just want this feeling to last
And maybe I'll be granted another chance

I remember them days
Where we didn't talk we just laid
And it felt like that's all we needed to say

Cuz I understood you girl
Just from the looks on your face

I guess I got to be optimistic
Keep my head towards the stars and keep on wishing

I picked a lot flowers for some girls its true
But you're the only one I gave the rose to


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