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NITS lyrics : "No Man's Land"

The Queen of the Lowlands
Is sleepless tonight
She's walking on marble floors

In the pale moonlight

The oilman from Texas

Still pulling the strings
In this palace of puppets
Of my paper King

No one will sleep
In the fields of Verdun

No one will finish, end
What they just had begun

I'm in a manhole
Looking for light
And I wonder why the German philosophers

And the English poets just always fight

In this no man's land

No man's land

Did you see Elvis in his kitchen tonight

He's got a Memphis blues
And a real strong appetite
He's walking through Graceland

In a black leather suit
He's smelling home cooking
It's only... it's only the river

Only the river, only

Elena Ceauşescu is still wide awake

She's counting her shoes
And she knows that she made
She made a mistake

So let's start again
The night is still young
Voices outside are singing

Singing a folk song
A folk song

No man's land
No man's land

No man's land
No man's land

Louis XIV, he cannot sleep
He's walking through the corridors of his
Of his funky antique

He got 300 pillows and 400 chairs
He's counting his clocks
Can you hear them ticking

Tic toc tic toc tic

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