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NITIKA BURA MAGAR lyrics : "Valentine alone"

Todays the day everybodys so excited, but me , im just not feelin it
Then theres my friends giving valentine gifts & im just sittin at the corner feelin like a loner
But its ok, im fine with it, cause ive been alone, since the day i was born, its not like the first time , this happens every year, now & then , again & again

Thats why
Chorus: i'll be /i am spendin my 16th valentine alone, in my home
Watchin tv just hangin around in my phone, my phone oh oh

Secon verse:
Then i see roses in everybody's hands & i think why doesnt anybody give me anything?
Then i realize what a sad world i live in, a world without no cupid

Chords: capo on 3rd fret

G,bm,em & c or c7 ? I think , just bar the last three strings of third fret lolol
Yeaa i hope you guys liked it, i wrote this yesterday & finished it todayy, its not that good but ohwells, i had fun writin & singin it, cause it totally relates to me xD

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