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Nipsey Hussle lyrics : "Tell Me What You Want"

Hustle, hey
Look I pull up in the stunt with the !@!@&& reeking
2 bad (*##$es, Roosevelt for the weekend

Walk past the pool when I got by the dick band
She asked to hit the blunt when I passed to push me in
Laughs, drinks and giggles

I got pink slip !@#( couple freaks and retals
I got strip club hoes with the least potential
But they mind on the millions once they leave then vinue

I'm talking money motivation, let me press my issue
Not a lot of people make it so it's best you ditch yours
For a 4 time grand, h u double dollar sign

I'm taking applications if you ?
I'ma laugh now and laugh later
I'm a grill back breaker, I'm a nose slack taker

I'm a c note counter, cligo downer
If she acting brand new, I bring the freak all out her
Oh, oh, and she so body

Get the best drunk she got deep throat talent
Mouth piece magic, will be like god damn it
Hit it once hard to shake like a cocaine habit

Please, you know, hustle keep it pi
Lil mama flip game on you but I see why
When I think of you my ^!$$% I don't think pride

I don't think swag ^!$$%, I don't think fly
I don't think style ^!$$%, I just think why
You're so lame $$# ^!$$% in my freestyle listen

Marathon life the tradition
Every 2000 followers, I'll make another victim.

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