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Nipsey Hussle lyrics : "Talk About Me"

[Nipsey Hussle - Chorus]
When they talk about me
they talkin' about a king

they talkin' about a boss
they talkin' about a hustler
and when they talk about you

they talk about a boy
they talk about a mark
they talk about a buster



cos i get money everyday, get money everyday
cos i get money everyday, get money everyday
cos i get money everyday, get money everyday

cos i get money everyday, get money everyday

[Verse 1]

Yeh yeh,
I get money everyday, of the week
I go hard, I don't sleep

you don't grind, you don't eat
in this world my n-gga aint sh-t free
at 16 I was doing my thing

I had a couple of pounds on my way OT
I used to pray to God we don't see Police
cos I aint had no stash S-P-O-T

in my grandma's trunk on the 10 east
to the 15 where the casino's be
in the projects we had a couple of freaks

give em a couple of days and move whatever we bring

in a couple of weeks we had a couple of G's

met a couple of fiends who had a couple of things
ask was I on my G-R-I-N-D,
n-gga what the f-ck you think

[Chorus 2]
so when they talk about me

they talk about a king
they talk about a boss
they talk a bout a hustler

running these streets getting that off
doing my thing
I aint never been a buster

you know my stees
money over b's
I do not want her, I do not trust her

and all I need is my cheese
so when they say Nipsey they know to say Hussle


[Verse 2]
Look, look, new n-ggas in the hood don't know me
better ask your OG back in 03′

I was moving pounds by the oz
white paint grey leather with the chrome feet
brown paper bag with no groceries

let me hold something milk,
yo hold these, hit em up
10 shots in the folly

bullet hole bleeds, feel the cold breeze.
and it's funny how now, all these little rats wanna ride my pony
well I go so hard, I don't got no time so I tell them blow me

and she blow me up' looking for your girl she was born us
I don't wanna b-tch I just wanna nut
tryna get rich aint no time to f-ck

[Chorus 2]

[Nispey Hussle]
Check it out look,

I I I go so hard, go so muthaf-cking hard
you you you go so soft, n-ggas soft as Sunday morning
We we we we on our job
we don't take no breaks n-gga
all money in, today in homeboy

I I I go so hard
you you you go so soft

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