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Nipsey Hussle lyrics : "Sound Of My Ceremony"

If I break your heart little momma make the same
It don't matter do it to me probably call me a failure
If I ain't never achieving i rather got you calling me .. for living how I believe

I am a king no sympathize with the fake wash some problems from the snakes
Is flat season and I value my estates so I bought some Bora Bora .. to gate
Used to rap on my waist hip hop cops on my case but $#&@ them more deposit on my bank

Got a !@$@ straight cooking leather on my face I rap crib but I .. my own race
Got the love scene good but everybody wanna taste
They say can't win it all the !@$@s gonna take I say if you want fetch

Let me lead you to the lake !@$@s lay see you on ma ?early morning !@$@ 25 8 light
Once and easy growing up I had to make some had enough and in their struggle you relate but
Now we straight everything great I don't need your help now !@$@ under your ..

That's why I made sure made all of your shake when I ride dick I think of all of your play
Practice all night bowling all day sleeping on the flights when I land I get paid
I ain't got a boss I ain't nobody slave turning on my hustle get myself a rise

Is funny how people let money make them change stick into the script and start put them out the page
History it ain't a mystery I .. yesterday my life will be a victory please make a sound stupid sound
They ain't invented me .. refuse is a waste of energy

My friends .. I am a French house player .. cause we own the ?
Is the sound of ceremony
The smell of success I wear it on me

Snoop Dog .. marathon
Getting money $#&@ (*##$es
Cause .. killed .. and Juda killed Jesus

.. if I take it any dipper

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