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Nipsey Hussle lyrics : "Rose Clique"

i am the %#@! ^!$$%

they call me young..rose clique

talking to my girl while your b*tch get my d*ck deep though
shooting out the world..life is just a freak ..
shopping ?when some dicky that's my stilo

play out p*ssy please don't offer ..
sex with some weapon %#@! could not kill my mosquito
little mama lost her?got too many mails, baby that's a ..

?try to f*k with me though ?
please excuse my ego?.
..told you way before about this baller %#@! i ..

..young ..some %#@! that you should sleep on
rich before rap i let the streets go
faith in my transition i know i'll be back in buss

that's just a tradition ..somehow i understood that i could make a ..
and one day ?to feed my people, one day ?it's time to eat bro
..rappers see eo and if you all actors .. al pacino

and it was all after when they thought i was ..not my valentino
wish i got my sleep though ..on the way to hetro
.. cappuccino spending pounds, every purse ..has no equal

if you come from where i come from ..i just see foe

that did it like i did it but do it 'cause we need moe
cube ..kill em with ?like every man i have to conquer?
the shadow in the grass?life is just a fight against your ..

..play my .. in this industry but i'm just me catch me ?.
fashion ..like album number 3 but i'm gonna be ..
so i crack my beat and hit the gas on it, gas on it, gas on it.

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