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Nipsey Hussle lyrics : "Proud Of That (Feat. Rick Ross)"

No punch, i just mean we working hard
(maybach music)

[nipsey hussle - chorus]
Look, night time with my locs on

600 hundered benz with them fo's on
Been through everything but i rode
And i never quit or take no loss

And i'm proud of that

[nipsey hussle - verse 1]

Back to the wall i was so stoned
Self-made ^!$$% i was solo
Hot up in the kitchen, i was so stove

A ^!$$% couldn't tell me nothing, i was so broke
I had ar's fo' fo's, alpina's on low pros
Brought k's wid us and got faze ^!$$%

And i used to get good grades ^!$$%!
Momma paid the bills but couldnt save ^!$$%
So we couldnt ask for no j's ^!$$%

See, that's the type of %#@! change ^!$$%s
Now from the street, you couldn't save ^!$$%s
Only difference was we wasnt playin wit' it

Was'nt in it for the hoes or the fame ^!$$%
Swear to god i could'nt buy a bag of lays ^!$$%
And i'd rather be a sinner than ashamed, ^!$$%

So like that
I rationalize it in my brain, ^!$$%
Even if i was a victim to the game

It was better than living life as a slave ^!$$%
Be right back! Had to turn myself into a paid ^!$$%
I did dirt cause i was common at the grave ^!$$% to go straight and re-examine my ways

That was the concept and now they're telling me i'm next
But please my ^!$$%, please my ^!$$%, don't take this out of context
All the nights i dealt with my stress

All the triple bunks where i slept
All the busted knuckles all the smoking guns
And all the %#@! i did for my set!

All my ^!$$%s is gone, they got stretched
But now your ^!$$% is on, so don't fret
It's a marathon to success, so all my ^!$$%s thats home we run' laps

I got a flight tomorrow i'm gonna catch
I got a presidential rolex
I have my mind made up, i got my grind game up

Now i'm thanking lord, i'm so blessed.


[rick ross]
My life'a marathon

If i die today, will you rep tomorrow or will this fade away?
Black diamonds all on my chain, violence come with this fame
I'm ridin dirty my cup leanin' pimp c inspired my paint!

I got enemies on my mind
Expiration dates on their lives
Try to keep your head above water

They wanna see a ^!$$% capsize
Can a ^!$$% live?
I'm bumpin' pac, i'm blowin' b.I.G

I'm strapped down, colin powell
I hold it down with these forty rounds
My window's up, my top down

I'm stacking money, i'm out of town
You're acting funny, you're a #~!!@ ^!$$%
Talk behind my back but try to dap me now

Not my type of ^!$$%, i'm so certified
When them ^!$$%s scheming, take them for the murder ride
Its not who start the strongest but who money the longest or who shooting the longest

A headshot is a bonus!
Maybach music


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