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Nipsey Hussle lyrics : "Forever On Some Fly Shit"

Forever on some fly %#@!
I"m going to draw the line you ^!$$%s pick who you going to ride with
simple $$# ^!$$%s happy cause they $#&@ed my side (*##$

she's just mad at me cause she not the one I ride with
drop down and pick your heart up off the floor
and quit trying to convince me that your $$# is not a !@^% wondering why I'm not picking up my phone girl

cause the last 12 months I've been traveling across the whole world ^!$$%s hoping I'm going to flop but mean while Ive been getting paid on every stop
neighborhood ^!$$% still good on every block
Still busting at every ^!$$% the thinks he won't get shot

i got a clip for every johnny still
Burner on my lap the only difference is the wheels
Murder is a fact when you're out here on a field

Jealous ^!$$%s dealing with emotions that only (*##$es feel
9 times out of ten they just want a friend
I've been real before rap so i won't pretend

tell the to there face all they flaws I've been noticing
I never $#&@ with your type and i won't begin
And its oh you on that high horse but bottom line (*##$ ^!$$% is this is my horse

Never kill nothing you just wait tell it die first but this going to be the season that you vulture ^!$$%s going to fly north
drop classic after classic s
streets on fire soft ^!$$%s can't match this

I aint doing features even if they got to cash me
Black same balling out the sloan ave
But look its way more

There's way more profit out these clothes
so i give away this music and make double back in shows
360 myself the exercise control

I Digital Louis stole
catch up now or find out later
I'm revenge of success to all haters

where a Benz is a form of respect to spectators
and your friends keep it real for a sec and switch later
in this a material world thought is contagious and security is created cause

^!$$%s is less famous most of the time there just in it for these hoes so its $#&@ing up their lives
when she sees there's no control.

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