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Nipsey Hussle lyrics : "Faith"

I'm rising in this game and it feels grate
Still trying to keep your real !@$@s still..
And off the label ward year, !@$@ still?

Drop the marathon in December, !@$@ still late!
I'm so inpatient, but I still wait
Still show love when I feel hate!

On a scale of one to ten I need a high heel?
Or better, blowing this? like I'm Bill Gates
I'm in the wind, turn this movie?

Smoke some California, eating?
Out on Miami beach, my !@$@s are few within
Just like Beverly Hills, the (*##$es are usually?

For wishing on a ? !@$@ took it for
And if I lost it all to? I wouldn't trip it..
It sounds crazy when I say it

But the fear falling off, it's the only thing I can take your faith!

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