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Nipsey Hussle lyrics : "Face The World"

When all dreams? seem to die?
The summer's gone? the breeze stops blowing?

The sun just leaves the sky?

[Verse 1]

Yeuh ? this your life, you can play with it
You make your bed, you gon' lay in it
Do your thing, just be safe with it

Triple bunks in the state prison
Blue laces in my blue Chucks
I ain't never gave two $#&@s

BET, I chumped the 'hood up
Askin' if that ^!$$% Neff 'hood, what?
Like I wouldn't take it to the back with you

Same ^!$$% walk the track with you
Same ^!$$% shot a strap with you
Same ^!$$% bought a sack with you

19, touching two birds
Aplinas off a few swerves
Grey leather in my white lincoln

%#@! smellin' like a new purse
Two ?Cs? on my (*##$, %#@!
My money rising like ?(*##$, quick?

Six words help you get this
Rich rapper on some Crip %#@!
I prayed for blessings as a young ^!$$%

Not to learn the hard lessons of a drug dealer
Triple life with a gang of Hasmin
The judge triple white and he hate your blackness

He slam the gabble with a racist passion
Go you waiting on the pills but your patience passing
All you've got to offer is a fight

It's too late to run to Christ once you're caught up in this life

So face the world now? or cry?

[Verse 2]
Look ? don't cry tears, they don't fly here
And if you don't die here, you're supposed to fly Lears

365 here's like a dog's year
No wonder why these ^!$$%s 20 and got white hairs
Stressing like they 40 and some change

Slowly in this game, all my homies is in pain
And brody is the slang, but it don't mean he your brother
It don't mean you can trust him, it don't mean that he love you

And we was raised wrong but we stayed strong
And when we kept it real we got faked on
And when we showed up we got flaked on

A wilder ^!$$%'s story, getting cake, homes
I bet my life, I'm a dice-shaker
Electric lights on a skyscraper

It's up and down for a real ^!$$%
But you'll be lame all your life, hater
MAC-10 in my black Benz

Show me signals of betrayal, can't be back friends
Long flights get my mind right
Victory to me is when you spend your time right

Victory to me is when you get your grind right
Victory to me is when you get your minds right
^!$$%s got this %#@! twisted

Like Jean-Michel Basquiat destroying his pictures
Self-inflicted homicide, don't pull the trigger
I feel like I've got to tell you you've got something to contribute?

Regardless what you into, regardless what you've been through
I feel like I've got to tell you you've got something to contribute?

So face the world now? or cry?

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