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Nipsey Hussle lyrics : "All Get Right"

[Intro: Nipsey Hussle]
Smoke a Backwoods
Marathon OG

Yeah, I feel brand new like I just started this %#@!

Like at the beginning
I Know y'all been waiting
My foundation's solid, let's take flight

[Hook: Nipsey Hussle]
Turn off the lights, turn up my mic

Roll up some flight, let's all get right
It's that %#@! you waited for your whole $#&@ing life
It's that %#@! you waited for your whole $#&@ing life

[Verse 1: Nipsey Hussle]
I got that good, still in the hood

I kept my word, and my ^!$$% I make good
6 figure ^!$$%s in them v-12s
No tint ^!$$% so you see well

My Cuban link that's 14k
My presidential, I wear it every day
It symbolizes, how I'm enterprising

I came from lint in Dickie pockets so I emphasize it
You check the filing, ^!$$%s say I kept it silent
But $#&@ the rumors, money talks and you made less deposits

I dropped some videos, you should go and check the comments
They love me all around the world my ^!$$%, what's you problem?


[Verse 2: Nipsey Hussle]

All my liquor from France, my cars from Frankfurt
Told them keep they advance
They strip then mark from my label

I own it all, I own it all
Word in them offices is that I want it all
That's right I do, now who the $#&@ is you?

Question my request, I pay my $#&@ing dues
Had a couple dreams and now they coming true
I'm at the Porsche line, asking do they come in coupes?

Walking out the club with a hundred goons
Magnum bottles of the Veuve, and a pungent fume
Model (*##$es stunting in them $#&@ing shoes

Bring your home girl, 'cause she coming too
Fast cars with them leather seats
Drop top she a $#&@ing freak

Blow me down while we ride on PCH
I'm there busting the great
Middle fingers in your face


[Verse 3: J Stone]
A Memphis star, I just came home
My flow is sick, disinfect the microphone

In 08 we told you we was never gon'
Change, and we still on this marathon
I'm a heavy hitter like Barry Bonds

Lightweights stand back for a heavy arm
Now I'm jumping on stage with my jewelry froze
Fresh out, spending money, killed the movie role

It's all money in like a Brinks truck
And it's no money out like a prenup
You need to get your green up

'Cause me and my team up

[Outro: Nipsey Hussle]

Like that
$#&@ the middle man

Proud to pay, ihussle.com
Victory Lap coming soon ^!$$%

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