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Ningizzia lyrics : "Emptiness"

Rejected like the falling angel,
Cast out from this life,
I am a victim of my desires,

A monument of my pain,
An empty shell devoid of emotions,
In ivory black I am painted dead.

Enthralled by beuty,
Yearning for bliss,

Oh I sacrificed myself,
To fulfill my dreams,
I saw sun,

And I felt it's warmth,
And I reached out my hand,
To love and life,

Embraced by melancholic euphony,
I knew,
I was at the mercy of the parasites,

Like fallen fruit,
To be drained from life.

And I cried.

In the midst,

Of my,
Ebony meadows,
I was dancing with the dead,

I was lost,
In a strain of silence,
I was one with emptiness.

At the shore of the black sea,
Where the birds are silent,

I cursed her name,
I saw the death of the sun,
I tasted the tears,

Of heaven,
And I saw it all,
Pass by.

Bleeding dry
Loosing hope

I used to love
I used to care
Now deprived from all that matters to me,

My words mean nothing
My emotions are dead
My dreams are empty,

If she only knew
Oh, I wish she knew,
I close my eyes and I sigh.

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