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NINA SIMONE lyrics : "Just Like A Woman"

I take
just like a woman
Yes I do

And I make love
just like a woman
and I ache

just like a woman
but I break
like a little girl

Nobody here feels any pain
tonight as I stand inside the rain

And no one has to guess
that baby's got new clothes
Lately I see her ribbons and her bows

and the problems
from her curls

I take
just like a woman...

It was raining from the first
and I was dying her of thirst
That's why I came here

and a long time's curse
and what's worse
is this pain in here

I can't stay in here
Ain't it clear
Ain't it clear

I must admit
I believe it's time for me to quit

And until we meet again
bein' introduced as friends
please don't let on

that you knew me when
I was hungry
and it was your world

I take
just like a woman....

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