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NIKKI FLORES lyrics : "Rock Me Stupid"

come on over here baby
listen to me close

you could be the one I'm looking for
excuse me if I'm comin on strong
but i had a couple drinks and I'm vulnerable

you look like a man
that know how to use his hands
and i bet that you can take control

yea I'm a little wild
but i wont apologize
cuz you want me like I'm wanting you

so take my hand

don't you wanna get away with me tonight
you know you got a green light
heres the plan

you can have your way with me if it feels right
so baby make it feel right

take me shake me
break me make me

everything you want and more
baby rock me stupid
rock me stupid

roll me hold me
boy control me
til i feel it in my core

baby rock me stupid
rock me stupid

we can set it off
do you feel me getting hot

when your hands are riding down my waist
this aint the time to talk
keep on working turn me on

i don't care what you got to say
i know what you want gotta show me what you got
fore' i let you take it all way

once you get me there
boy you better be prepared
cuz i aint holding back a thing

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