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NEW ORDER lyrics : "Doubts Even Here"

Those steps which seem to take a lifetime
When eyes just turn and stare
The day begins, collapsing without warning

You fade from sight, there's nothing there

No hope allowed, calls are answered daily

Questions are on your side
Deeply moved, beyond all consolation
You felt the pulse, now hear the cry

In my mind, thoughts are becoming clearer
I'm watching every move you make

Counting time spent in observation
A single blow a false mistake

Then you revealed to me
All that I need to know now
(The close went down to times

too, too much behind us)
Then please don't turn away,
Why can't I talk to you now?

(The number of forgotten years
Where my honor isn't deepest
Grows the deepest feeling and it

Grieved for safety and despair)
There's nowhere left to go
Where is this taking her and how?

(The torish threats forevermore
Over our natural favor
And us and he's and I'll fall

Far in it, and it sees enough
In our failures and it's not time.)
There's nothing more I want

To know beyond your trust now
(I missed his promised time again
For my friend)

Don't throw our joy away
Why must you just you leave now?
(Has God forgotten to approach us?

Has He rememberd to not despise us?)
Memories are all that's left
I need you near to me now

(There, now, now, don't come to mind my deeds
And call out in defiance of times gone by)

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