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New Life Worship lyrics : "I Will Stand"

I was sitting in my office late on a Friday afternoon, about to leave to get ready for theMILL, our college and 20-somethings service. In my hands was a picture from the sonogram of our first child, a girl. The picture made all the emotions I had felt when I sat in the ultrasound appointment, watching and listening to her beating heart, come rushing back. The pregnancy had been full of some scary moments, so to be at this point was overwhelming. I went over to the office next door where there was a keyboard and began to sing.
"I will stand and worship You for everything You are to me I will lift my voice in praise for all the wonders You display I will stand, I will stand and worship You."
Not long later, the song was finished, with the exception of few phrases I kept tweaking.

Through salvation we see God's love demonstrated and His goodness revealed. That is reason enough to praise. But God keeps drawing us with tender mercies, calling us into relationship with Him. The only response to that kind of grace and love is to worship--not to attempt a repayment, not to prove that we deserve it--simply to worship.
As we started to do the song at our church, I watched as people responded to God with a firm, unshakable decision to worship. "I Will Stand" is a declaration to God, a choice to worship no matter what, because it is the only response to God's great love and grace

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