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Nevermore lyrics : "Debt Of A Nation"

We start with nothing
Now we're off and running
Obtain it all that's got to count for something

I see it in your eyes
And that's what matters, right?
Outdo your competition there will be no compromise

Vanity functions
The repercussions
Can't see beyond the cosmetic route of our actions

Just tell me where to go
Now it's mechanical
We're lacking self control and change is now impossible

Because we are one
You don't belong
A common good

Has come and gone
All you own
What you believe

What matters now
Won't matter when you leave
We cannot take our time

We're falling out of line
And this is not the basis of our pride

We cannot do this
We've got to see right through this
I know there's something better

Try to decipher whether
Become one or don't belong
Take your time and now it's gone too long

We can't afford the cost (of what we've done)

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