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NESIAN MYSTIK lyrics : "Star Gazing"

I know it seems kind of bright
It's easy with these lights

For me to forget why I came
Caught up with the stars
Like you know who we are!

Got no time for waiting

I'm looking for that green light, and stacks with the rubber bands
Different presidents same colour, once they hear my jam
Golden child like I'm from the land of the rising son

So red alert we ain't stopping till the job is done
Blues how I came up, must be the SA in me
Cross so many oceans so far from the 183

Coco butter brown representing my daughter and son
Need I say more why we coming for that number one

See the horizon over yonder, Yeah I'm on my way
I don't wonder, yo I ponder how my flows gon' pay

Then I switch it up a little then strip it back
Watch my digits quadruple up in my bank

Then I take that, double my stacks,
Take that there, put half in the bank,
Then I take my ends, repeat it again,

Now tell me if you understand,
I ain't no player, it's no game, this a war, I'm a soldier,
Recognize the name, yeah we already told ya.

Still on that hustle 25yrs young,
Still on that Nesian tip, Tha Kid Oldwun

Stay on that grind till my family right

Ain't givin' up untill my mamma sleep proper at night

Still reppin' that hood Grey Lynn, Ponsonby
Sandringham, Mt. Albert, down to P.C Beach
Ain't nothin' changed, still puttin' in work

Still it ain't about me, it's for my peoples ya heard

Yeah, Yo,
My mind keeps going in time like clock-work,
My rhymes keep laying these lines like crosswords,

I hit the Freeway and Take it to the top,
Then I drop it Jay Z baby show me what you got,
I do this for my #1 and #2, my #2 is new, my #1 is 2yrs,

I do it for the both of you and don't forget your mama too,
I stay on the hustle, we keep on the grind,
You gotta get yours, me I gotta get mine.

Gotta understand it damn it, still alot that y'all don't see
Through all the glitz n glamour, Tha Kid won't change for nobody

Call me my Brothers keeper, call me a Sisters "joy"
Always been my Fathers son, still remain to this day a Mamma's Boy
That's just the way it is, ain't nothin gonna change that

No amount of money or bright lights could ever fade that
But you know what, straight up man, I could never just say that
From way back, cue playback, my word is bond and it's stayed that!

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