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NESIAN MYSTIK lyrics : "Roots Discussion"


I need some hip-hop, if that's quiet all right

Can you please define, explain for me why
Can't I put hop with the hip
Melodies with the rhyme

Be myself
Keep it true
Soul driven through and through

This be the message that I send to you
A discussion of the roots, the real
There ain't no half stepping when I take the field

Yo so what the *&%$ is hiphop
I rock a platnium grill with chains

So who's hiphop iced out I got game
So who's hiphop
I'm in da heazy fo' sheazy

I didn't understand what I just said
But it pleased
I learned everything I know from the radio

I've seen all the how to be a player videos
I wanna be like my man Ali G
Mass respect to the realist's head

And riding the punani

I'm on a roots discussion

You don't even know
The true definitive hip-hop
Is from the soul

Damn what you talking bout' Hip-hop is from the soul
It's all about the way you dress the Benjamin's

And how you roll
My definition of hip-hop is what I'm on kid
It's not about the roots now

It's all about the branches

4-core element foundations imperative

Seek the wisdom find your own definition


Can you define for me
The definition of hip-hop

Maybe you've come a long way
From different underground spots
Know when it's real

When it's not
When it's empty
In the cup

Fill it up until your soul flows
Rhythms all you got


I'm so hip-hop I rock an american accent
I'm so hip-hop cause I always curse when I rap
I'm so hip-hop affiliated with a gang

My hip hopness is an obvious rated 10 out of 10
I qualify cause I sing with all the right people
Never selling records cause they ain't keeping it real

To the underground sound found with all your family
Battling for prestige by dissing all those I can manage

The law of hiphop says no raping if you sing
I even got a limp in my leg when I walk down the street
I'm from the slum and I've lived a deprived life

Got slang to back it up best believe I'm ghetto tight
I'm from the streets so what I rap is real
I live the life I speak in rhyme all those murders and

drug deals
Never once have I saved a life in rhyme or healed

Rather I inflicted pain that community consumes



Now pass me the mic (pass the mic)
Let me define hip-hop music according to my life
I adapt and modify the form that's been applied

From underground heads and true voice that's been
Whether we're old school, new school
It's still the same school
A generation goes on while another one comes through

It's the way that we live pass our knowledge to our
And if that ain't hip-hop then tell me what is


I'm so hiphop don't even mess with us
I'm so hiphop you wish now be on ya sshhh
So whats hip-hop WHAT
All of a sudden you're a genius
Your minds paralysed while your listening to this
My lyrics penetrate your ear lobes

And stab you in the brain
You trying to tell what's what
And what style you claim
You talking about being spiritual
I'm all about the visuals
Get cash through the days and in evening getting sexual

I'm on a roots discussion
You don't even know
The true definitive
Hip-hop is from the soul

Let me define for you my definition of hip-hop
Low riding' ice blinding hitting every spot

See I'm as hip-hop as they come son
My rides outside, girls by my side
My blings all-glaring in your eyes

First expressions of our long life lessons
Of hard times, still so many questions



The truth ain't so far from the cradle
Where you once rocked in your sleep

And you mama sung sweet melodies
Prayed to the lord for your soul to keep


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