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I say people / What's got you down?/ Don't let them

little things in life / Hold you down / I say people /
What's got you down?/ Don't let them little things in
life / Keep you on the ground


I been feeling this way now for a while/ Been meaning
to see you / So hear me now / Heard from a friend of a
friend that you / Been needing this track especially to

get you / Off the wall and on the floor / Get you
feeling so good that nothing in this whole wide world /
Could even get close, to almost getting you down

Repeat Chorus


So over whelming is the crying at night, the charts
echo it / So lonely & incomplete get regular record
spins / As they say arts just a reflection of life / So

reading the chart seems things aren't appearing to
bright / But unlike McCartney we can't let it be /
Cause from Kanye to the far Middle East / Love is the

new hate from the streets of U.K / Trinity had the
roots of the game, what they say?/ Little things so
intricate; never noticed but once missed are so evident

/ Bring that sunshine S.Carter spoke of / And know love
like my brothers from the groove house does! / So
people think your living large like B.I.G/ When really

you need the doc care of D.R.E / We came to break them
with D.L.T / So we wrote with you in mind as the V.I.P

Repeat Chorus


So take it easy now don't wanna hurt yourself suffer

from a condition like everyone else/ With melodic
styles an flows to end this drought take this track
listen daily it will instantly help /

For what ever to please needs laxing in the summer sun
/ Get your groove in the mood or simply to have fun /
Spend some quality time with your daughter and son /

Your looking better already and this track still aint
done / See this team doing damage / We consist of the
baddest / When in the lab we mix the maddest conger up

another DMON FINGUZ phat track with DJ NOTIQ combined
with mental knowledge to produce this product / Like I
said it before since day 1 it's been the same war like

a crack addict to the floor's what you feen for / So
don't prolong it for another minute shake off them
little things an keep it NESIAN with it

Repeat Chorus


I heard it through the Grapevine like Gladys & the Pips
that you were in need of something and I believe that
its this / This

delivery swift in the booth we don't waste time / Got
that Bump Bump across the top of the bass line / I
provide feel good pick me up type feelings/ You can nod

your head or raise your hands towards the ceiling /
What you feeling? / Man we came to break it off / All
day we get it off/ the place we set it off /


And while this beat is dropping / We gone keep it
rocking / Ain't no stopping this cos its all for you /
and while this beat is dropping' / We gone keep it
rocking / Ain't no stopping this cos its all for you /

Repeat Chorus

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