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NESIAN MYSTIK lyrics : "Outta This World"

Houston, we have contact, she's the one
She ain't like the rest (tell the truth man)

You know, she's straight outta this world

You got me baby
You're one of a kind
Give you the sun, the moon

The stars in the sky
You're incredible, out of this world
It's like...

I can't explain

The way you got me going crazy
Lady, lady

4, 3, 2, 1...
She got my mind blastin off like an Astronaut

As hot as Mercury with these galactic thoughts
Outta this world,
Yo this chick is straight up cosmic

Looks far from regular,
You could call her telescopic
You could be my Venus, I could be your Mars

You outshine the rest cause you a Evening Star
It's that dimple in your mind that makes you shine so bright
What your doin to me, you got me feelin like...

(I can't explain the way you got me going crazy, baby, baby)

Your sexyness got me beamin', gotta Klingon to that
Got me Trek'n Stars tryna believe the facts
It's that craziness that Cupid done bring

Got me wrapped around you like Jupiters ring.

Got me light headed

Defying gravity
Spaced out, right route for her galaxy
Because as far as I'm concerned

She ain't from around here, so it's my mission to learn
Could it be you and me were made to shine
Sun to my moon just reflecting light

Magnitism controlling my high tide
G-force effect everytime she arrives

Not fly by nightly shooting star
But I'm forever falling for you from a far

That's where it ends with the star comparison
Their shine fades in contrast it's embarassing

Straight Outta this world, I couldn't even imagine
Had me lost in space from the time I landed
I can't explain what you do to me

Cause I'm drawn to you girl like gravity
Got Gee going crazy, sight getting hazy, focus on your vision so amazing
Now every night I wish upon a star, so I can take flight to be where you are.

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