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NESIAN MYSTIK lyrics : "It's on"

Mr sound selecta
Hook me up with the melody
Mr sound selecta

Hit me with the beat


Leave your vocal points at the door

No submerged rhyme tactics
Keep your soul
Whilst shattering verbal lyrical fractures

All content seen in context, it just reflects
When the beat pulses the system
Who knows what comes next?

Architect of the arch musical dynasty
Once again another set from the S.A.B.R.E
Headphones set alight from the heat we supply

Voltage on high elements elevate to the sky
Derive the means like slim
But never shady on premier

Cultivating, Navigating, air raiding through sound layers
Debutant when first dropping beats elevating vinyl cuts
You didn't see it coming till the force pressured motion to bust

Raw facts, True essence don't echo through all raps
We need to counteract bringing them soul claps
Ignite roots connection, Express new projections

Innovative, Creative styles in which we're blessed with.


It's on
It's on tonight

(We came to get up all night)
On and on tonight

It's on
It's on tonight
(We came to get up all night)

On and on tonight


Audio speaking through your speakers
The system's out of commission

Pay attention concentration this art of verbal expression
Under pressure the compression of disruption to the nation
Causing radio eruption verbal destruction

Music construction this verbal transmissions our way of life
With explicit in our expression through music we're causing hypeM.C Old, Awa, D, Sabre, Heath, J.P
Bringing you recipes hot flavours with the beats now

We can't forget about the melodies, harmonies flowing systematically
(This is how we do it)
Possibly this domination will effect

(oh yeah)
With unpredictable M.C's unite collaborate
(Now baby)

?Stereodic? ability disables this negativity
Dropping new components as we be rocking through the industry
Sufficient dynamics real satisfactory

Systematically alive pushing through the boundaries

Now all we want to do is feel the vibe to take us higher

Here comes another one unlike them other ones
Melodic and hypnotic psychotically patriotic

Let your body flow let your body flow
Fire it up fire it up


Automatic system and vinyl cipher kinetics
Microphone intimidation impenetrable phonetics
Lyrical mentality a syndication of style

Prepare to battle on the mic
Generation Nesian Child
So what's your cipher pick up the vibe and turn the lights on
Semantic imagery of audio system we ride on
Let bygones by bygones you know you can rely on

The beat to carry the melody prolifically all night long

It's on to the break of dawn Nesian Style party all night long? its on

View sound through all types of audio spectrums

Contender's reigns are short lived once we rock their sections
I come complex wit flows like Sabre, Trax and N.A.T did
Orbit the mic Beastie Boys Intergalactic


It's on
It's on tonight
(We came to get up all night)
On and on tonight

It's on
It's on tonight
(We came to get up all night)
On and on tonight

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