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NESIAN MYSTIK lyrics : "Damn"


Its like Daaam!!! We get down like that!

WHOA!!! We get down like that!
Its like Daaam!!!
Make moves or make way,

Recognise the name cause the name don't change


We rock it funky fresh y'all
Tokyo to these bless shores
Holla @ your Nesian cause the flavour's most def y'all

From the flee market tee to the flow I keep
Island time on arrival you've been waiting for the heat
Its official Cuz...got love like Icirius

Infiltrating your city, connect like the internet
On a mission to put the pacific on the map
Opposite to biggie smalls were ready to live

Life's already to short so my purpose is a gift
How on earth from the bottom of the world did we get on

Ray Sefo in Japan to the U.S with the Rock
It's about time island music world wide
Not since Bob Marley have these tropical tunes shined

The winds of change are beating in time
Ana log drum patterns new millennium P.I's



Its Tha Kid Oldwun / I got the tune for the streets,
for the floor / Aint lining up, we creeping through the
back door / Still got that swag in my step, believe The

Kid is blessed when you see that / I stay fresh in my
white Sneeks, Jeans & my white Tee / Tag around my
neck, wristbands labelled Nike / despite what you might

think, Im reppin' it nicely / Tha Kid got it locked
like the Bay got Hyphy / Reppin' Da Brat Pack, still
makin em clap back / Poppin' my collar cos my Tee &

Sneakers match, match / Its just the way it is, when I
roll its like that / find me by the bar yo, looking for
a night cap / but if Im not Im in the DJ booth / on

that Stealth Mode like DJ Smoove / T to the I, P, S to
the Y / If ya feelin what Im sayin, put your glass to
the sky..


I know it's been awhile had to step back from the game,
!@%(yze the current scene and adapt to the change,

Many chose to sleep, I continued to train,
Done with all the pain it's time to get paid,
Coz we came to move, we came to groove,

Ya look a little stressed now we came to soothe,
You came to prove what cha do how ya do,
Get it straight son your games to small for my shoes

You know we keep it fresh to def,
Def as hell, hell yeah, yeah bring that back, Skip jump

giggle wiggle turn it up a lil, Way mummy drop it, it
som'n like a basketball dribble, Take it to the floor
like you know you should, Take my hand, you know it all

good, NESIAN STYLE got your gurl calling my name, With
beats so PHAT, somebody call JENNY CRAIG......


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