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NELLIE McKAY lyrics : "Suitcase Song"

When it says goodbye
You don't hear it sigh
Does that it mean

That it's gone far far away
Is this your day to
Buy a paper

Draw a mustache
Make the mayor a giraffe
Try and tempt fate

Get pneumonia
Recuperate with soy bologna

Can you hear the rain a ploppin' slowly
With a soft and soapy thud

Don't you worry about a moppin', sholy
You'll only find yourself with mud
Mayfalta una maleta

Mayfalta una maleta

When you go to bed

Lay your fuzzy head
By the nightstand
Where you turned off your phone

Nobody's home, now
Ride the subway
Make graffiti

Go to Famous Ray's
Buy ziti
Get the paper

No more artwork
Make the mayor a dartboard


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