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NELLIE McKAY lyrics : "Manhattan Avenue"

Send a breeze
A pitbull's yelp
A tender squeeze

A cry for help
Make it now
And make it fast

Such memories
Can never last
I long for the days

Music and mayhem
Mama's a smilin' friend
In the scuzzy hue of the sunlight

Manhattan avenue

Lionel please

Watch o'er our door
The children tease
I beg for more

Chipping paint
The ceiling's spent
Aw ain't it great

Can't make the rent
I long for the days
Kittens are meowling

Junkies are prowling
Deep in the jazzy hue of the streetlight
Manhattan avenue

[instrumental break]

How wild it is
What strange a vice
That a mugger and a child should share the same paradise

Oh but dreams come true on
Manhattan avenue

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