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NELLIE McKAY lyrics : "I Wanna Get Married"

I wanna get married
Yes, I need a spouse
I want a nice Leave it to Beaverish

Golden retriever and a little white house
I wanna get married
I need to cook meals

I wanna pack you cute little lunches
For my Brady bunches
Then read Danielle Steele

I wanna escape
This rat race I've created
I'm feelin' enervated

I don't care if I make it
I just want to bake a sugar cake for you
To take to work in the morn

And I'll stay home cleaning the dishes
And keeping your wishes all warm
I wanna get married

That's why I was born

I wanna partake in bake sales for the classroom

I wanna hear the sweet tune
Of Sally's little vroom-vroom
As she zooms around my broom

As I exhume the gloom
Of my shallow life
I wanna be simple and honest and dimpled

'cause I am your wife
I will never tarry
I'm not even torn

I wanna get married
That's why I was born

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