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NECRO : swordfish - lyrics

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NECRO lyrics : "swordfish -"

Killing snakes that sidewind
Tripping on Jakes & Drive-Bys

Walk around high
Sniffing a Thai eighth and five lines
Five nines, hit you five times

I'll rise from the grave seven days after I die to spit flames
Spit fireballs, spit volcanoes
Spit molotovs at popstars, exploding bombs under cop cars

Arms dealers that I met I bought nerve gas and laser rifles
They CIA they take they names from the Bible
Jesus specialised in chemical weapons and bio-robotics

Met him in Cairo he was chilling with this guy Mohammed
Ex-PLO Honcho, that went AWOL
He sold black market organs at the CIA store

They introduced me to they bro Moses
Pulled out an eightball of that Grade-A %#@!, and froze noses
Then they told me bout Ish and Isaac

Two brothers, one was telekinetic, the other psychic
They was after me, they was asking mad questions
Jesus tells me he suspects they were hired by the Russians

I always thought that they was cousins
Who gives a f**k? f**k them !@$)gots, when I see them I'ma buck them

It's a hijacking, when I shot that pilot in the eye, laughing
Landed the plane by myself, the only guy standing

Swordfish, more than Halle Berry showing off tits
it's real, Swiss bank acounts and terrorists

Blowing up buildings like Tyler Durden
My minds perverted

Eight women orgies, these congressmens wives are dirty
Extroverted like Wild Wild West strippers
And death lifts us, to higher levels

I hire devils to kill other devils

I the funds expensive? never any troubles
Shoot outs because of my Uncle, Forever bubble
Bombed the airport, jetted in the cherry red Porsche

Catching head from this !@^%, that I met at the store
Jesus had the Lamborghini and that (*##$ from Tahiti
That liked to swallow ecstacy and sip some Martini

A disturbed past, involving all types of terrorism
I know how to dispense nerve gas through televisions
Tera Patrick and Adriana Sage

Undercover FBI agents that look great, and give fanastic brains
Adriana Gave me a platinum chain
A mercenary in this savage game, I Skyjacked the plane

Assasins get fazed, thrown in stealth planes
Exploding death pays, it's gangsta

You f**king !@$)gots know the next phase
You'll get your dome X-rayed
Kidnap you like los pepes

'Til the chrome Tec spray
You get #~!!@, I own sex slaves
It's God's will, f**k with me you get shot and killed

Chopped into pieces and stuffed in the trunk of a Bonneville
Globetrot, smoke pot, with (*##$es that so hot
They go to the Grammys wearing a see through dress and no bra

No panties, f**k with me I'll kill your whole family
Cyanide now or later she choking on candy
I choreographed the goriest massacres

Bizzary to Africa
No story is graphic-er

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