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NECRO lyrics : "one for the butcher knife '93 - goretex"

Meet my ittle friend hos name is m16 i got the butcher knife to cut ur f**kin heart out for kicks im on a killin spree like the !@$@ named mason right around ur grave kid is where il b dancin the cha cha u tryed to flex and i shot ya ten to the head now ur mother f**kin brain dead mayor mooded me mad clips i got more rubber in my glock than artifshal hips so now ur dead kid 'cause ya f**kin bed kid every time i shot u in your mother f**kin head kid when u call my suisidal hotline ill tell u to blow ur f**kin brains out with a tec nine blowin up ur ips is something i premote so light up an m80 and shove it down ur f**kin throught the rougher the more u suffer im your musia

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