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NECRO : No Concern lyrics

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NECRO lyrics : "No Concern"

[Verse 1: Necro]


You should wear a dress, don't ever dare or test
If you died tomorrow, I wouldn't care less
Now feel this, I dare you to step

Bring you to a near-death experience
When I [?]
Don't speak, holmes, when I hit a weak cheekbone

You're fake, decapitate off your weak dome
You don't rep that great, I never bumped you
Lump you up, dump you out, chump you

Close the deal and check in your neck with steel
Mechanisms, check the eyes, real recognize real
Looking for a (*##$ that's amazing

A (*##$ that'll give you lacerations if we got altercations
The occasional brawl, Kimbo ?sneeze?
Working out, militant Rambo ?D's?

Jailhouse, [?], Julius Campbell [?], allow us on attack


What'cha gonna do, nines get clapped at you
We let the hatred burn, your life is no concern [x2]

[Verse 2: Necro]

Smack you in the mouth

Mush you in your cabbage
The %#@! you rap about is for !@#( and !@$)gots
You take it up your bunghole

You're pompous and weird
My Vietnam jungle boots are for stomping queers
You're a true !@$), get out the game

Me and you are not the same
I'm a real ^!$$%, you're a douchebag
So $#&@ you and your freedom, you $#&@

You !@$)got $#&@, pull him out the truck, beat him
You dippy mother$#&@er
You got the right to be killed

Kicking that !@$)got %#@!
A bullet sniped in your grill
Make your head disintegrate

Eat %#@! off the dinner plate
You got the freedom to get $#&@ed in your $$# by an inmate
Necro's in the house, big up, big up

Dwarf beef what, jig up, jig up
Tear your whole $#&@ing wig up, pick the cig up
Lick the [?] with slugs like Kiss



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