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NECRO lyrics : "Nirvana"

(feat. Goretex, Ill Bill, Mr. Hyde)

[Verse 1: Necro]

Before ligaments and fridges
The triple six digits religion
Might sacrifice pigeon's fidget

Was created by ancient midgets
My kamikaze cronies
Listening to Ozzy over Rick Rock's chords

Doing quasi religious ceremonies
I see with the Alseek
Curse you into paralysis

Drinking blood from the chalice with Alistair Crowley
I feel no guilt, for the blood that got spilt
$#&@ thou shall not kill, do what thou wilt!

Skeeming on Rosemary's baby in witches shrine
My cult'll leave you shocked like Polanksky in 69
Introduce you to hallucogenic narcotics

Bathing you with females rocking psychodelic bell bottoms
Fu-Manchu in effect
Banging spoons like Yuri Yella

Then I'll sharpen the ends
And juks you in the neck
67 stab wounds in the lubyankas

Allows you to sip droplets from the goblets of Pompous conquerers

[Verse 2: Ill Bill]

Javel and dagger
Author of death
Virgins with big breasts

Soldiers of morbid thoughts
Non-indulgent incest
Bring me the goat, manipulating woman on dope

Kidnap the pope
Hang from the rope
And strapped in the throat

I'll spill your blood in the name of Satan
And capture your soul
Author of sacrifice, you'll survive the bashing your skull

The master within the code
Authors of math
Step in my chapel of goons

My collection of scalpels and tools
And used for ritualistic and sadistic purposes
Cermonial death

Serpin the ancient verses
But Zeus possesses his sister
Masterbating in the monastary

She used the crucifix to pop a cherry
Perverted priest, flirt with the deceased
The black mass is achieved

Shadowy figures joyfully dance with the beast
Hunger for human flesh, is sex to cannibal's feast
Head of the jackal, six figure hand is complete

[Verse 3: Goretex]
20 hits in the womb melt

Get those with the black acid
Kidnapping your wife
Tape safe depositories in plastic

Candle smashing ariolas
Cold as a !@$(
Torn from a casket

Human flesh gets scorned into ashes
Pray to Satan like Jimmy Page
Take a stage of blood

Covered the following
Bloods led by Miss Sadie Glutz gloves
The yalo drive, from up in the hills

Californication of pills
Triple six engraved in your $#&@ing gills
We're real wifey

Made eat the whole cake
Worship a ghost state
Puncture your throat with chunks of Colgate

Launching the craig
And cutting his thoughts in the first day
The surgeon of hate
I'm licensed to keep my nurses okay
Unwrapping the vague

Kevorkian, but dusting the ?
Hellaways !@#(
The podium
Molest your remains
I'm like Brian Wilson, the genius, with a stain of crimson

Original, dillusional
Goons, we move through the system

[Verse 4: Mr.Hyde]
Enter the master witchdoctor

Evil emperor of my chance
Will anoint the dead
And poison heads
And brainwash a chant
I envision baptism

With satanic mechanisms
Each exorcism, reads the deep flesh incisions
My system of worship
Features (*##$es in skirts
I should purify my pretty
Before they are visciously murked

We note the impregnated, corrupt the average !@#%
Stab the gut and quickly sent the miscarriage from cups
Hide the leader of Senchin
Along with evil henchman
Puking down your throat, because your soul needed cleansing
Blood painted pentagrams
Engulfed by flames

Charcoal chunks of frames
We feast on monkey brains
Calmly cutting down your spine
Now we're chugging blood of wine
Choke and suffocate what's wine
The $#&@ing suffering is divine
While tranquilizing needles get stuck up in your arm

Sacrificial animals get abducted from the far

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