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NECRO : garbage bag '94 lyrics

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NECRO lyrics : "garbage bag '94"

Err my castration hand is steady
So (*##$ are you ready, to get your dick chopped off with a machete

When it comes to inflicting pain I'm creative

You're gonna need a saditive when you get tortured by this f**king native
My animosity for a female never quits
So I hang you to die - on two hooks through your f**king tits (*Echoed*

^!$$% you get jooxed with a spike
And me and my homeboys dig in your stomach and take the posse lice

Termites and @@#!roaches get chewed
My knife cuts your cranium open to get to your brain for food (Tasty!)
You get buried in dry mud when you suffocate in the high flood

When I'm sad I f**kin' cry blood (*Crying*)
Then I eat kneecaps and shins, when I look into your eyes I'll make you
cough up your organs

Plus, you'll cringe - when you get pinched with my siringe
Then fall asleep and become chow for my flesh eating binge
Then I go to a Bordello, open up the mouth of each (*##$ and dismiss the

liquid thats yellow
And the backside of each cunt I'll be arching - I'm like a soldier
Back from the dead Storm Trooping in Monschau

Here's another bite for spite
My drill bit goes through the left side of your face and comes out the right
So watch out for the army of bugs, it's the blizzard of maggots

So duck down or get covered with slugs

I got a garbage bag wit'chya name written on it (4X)

Kill yourself is what you should do
Cause I'll make you go through, more terror than the terror that Bobbit's

gone through
And if you're down with that bull%#@! !#@$ lie talk
^!$$% you'll wake up with your f**king dick on the sidewalk

You're castrated dry park and left over skins
So get stomped bloodless, by f**kin' heartless pedestrians
Every f**king memory, of your death I savor, so I soak your f**kin' brains

in blood for flavor
And cook up, a spectacular meal
It's funny, even in the winter time I find there's flesh appeal

And when you died I thought what a pity, that you had to die with
electricity goin' through your tittie (Hah!)
And I like, all types of fish, so I'm soona

Sharpen my blade, and stick my knife up your (*##$es tuna
The catch of the day, I caught a big one

Dispose of the body, grab the shovel for graves and dig one son
And hop inside it, take a dead female corpse and rot it

Trust me, it's great - I've tried it!

I got cholesteral cause I eat human remains fried

^!$$%s get buried at the beach then drowned at the tide
So to choke, I'll make you sell your f**kin' soul
My Challacal 22 turned the $$#hole into charcoal

I pull out, machetes in public
I get sick, and put a dead f**k in the dump quick
They stutter and prick, the murdered (D-d-d-d-don't kill me!)

I never confess never will the bodies, George Estaciano couldn't even guess
I'm here forever, yeah forever like a scar
I sortet your guts in my gourmet appetar

Cause I grin when I sin, I'll wear your f**kin' skin
I stick big f**kin' knives in your rotting abdomen
Dead man, your bodies chopped up in ten different cribs

A million motherf**kin' @@#!roaches eat your ribs
And I got teeth, I got tonsils, and tounges
I got arteries, and blood filled maggots in my lungs

So motherf**k saliva, I got blood glands
I'm so uncivilized I eat human guts with my hands
And as it stands, I'm heated so I bathe in ice
I'm God's gift to the Devil, so call me the human sacrifice
The f**kin' ^!$$% that objected to your marriage

And I'm foul like a dead fetus in a miscarriage
My tanto knife is always sharp, never dull
The Vietnam veteran got a metal plate in his skull
Plus, I stick my blade in, your guts I ninjugated
Put a screw in your head like Eddie from Iron Maiden

And, in a pool of blood is where Necro swims
I got stains on my timbs, I'm steppin' on your severed limbs
There's no need to discuss, the scab filled with puss
Guns 'R Us (*Gun @@#!*), so bury me and my sarcophagus
Then I'm on f**kin' hearts, and body parts get torn

The Angel of Death kills the first born, with the blood from a lamb
The Pentogram is on your grave, I'm a type of ^!$$% Jesus could never save
Cause I'm coughin' out fresh, fresher then David Koresh
I chop up ^!$$%s and then recycle there flesh

necro owns your soul ^!$$% DIE

Necrophiliac black
Necrophiliac black
Necrophiliac black

I'ma f**k your corpse

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