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NECRO lyrics : "destined to be '94"

This is a Captain Carnage and Necrophiliac duet of death!

It's the Witchcraft Killer!!!

Fillin my f**kin bed with skulls
Choppin up bodies until my blade dulls

I don't give a f**k about the people dyin
Try to take mines and on your f**kin back, you'll be lyin
Then, like a corpse in a dead morgue

I find your f**kin body in Prostate Park, (*##$
I'll have you f**kin hangin like a f**kin killa on a meathook
Then your f**kin flesh is getting cooked

Roastin, I chop up f**kin poor man is toasted
I suggest that you dont f**kin piss me off
Now cunt, my f**kin hollow tips ain't soft

I rip up your !@(!, blow out your back
When I body attack, I'm a f**kin maniac
I don't know who the f**kin I am, or where the f**k I'm goin

Cause another dead body is what I'm persuin
So I continue to laugh
Knowin any given moment, I could join a bloodbath

Destined to die kid! (Destined to die)
Motherf**kers are just destined to die!!

Again I bloody and shush

When I flush and you mush
Down a toilet
I wipe my f**kin "Green Soylent"

Throw down a log, then I make sure you die
There's no escapin New York, even if you f**kin try
I stick my f**kin pick, my jagged blade always slices

Get too close, and I kill you with my f**kin knife, kid
I chop a f**k gorilla up, then I poach her
When I reimpulse ya, they f**kin won't know ya

A leg here, an organ over there
Your f**kin body parts scattered every f**kin where
So demented, I convict them consequently

Kid, I beat the motherf**kin (*##$ that I tormented
In my dungeon, I'll be f**kin plungin
All types of cunts that this dude's f**kin life functions

I cut and you wind up in my backyard
It's gore, wives should get their f**kin legs cut
Violators get smeared with tar and feathers

(*##$es get slapped up a different type of lettuce
I'm f**kin stingy, I'll be quick to rip the last piece of flesh
I'm lookin forward to seein your death

What the f**k you lookin at you stupid ugly mothaf**ka

I shoot you like a dog in a heartbeat, then rape
I f**kin eat your brains for lunch
Your bones go crunch, as I f**kin much your corpse

Cause you wenches though somethin proper but until you stepped up
Kid you get swept up
Like a dolla, if you f**kin try to holla

I'll be leavin you wit a bloody f**kin colla

Mothaf**ka, I never swallow my pride
I'd rather see you die, than let a mothaf**ka slide
Mothaf**ks get dissed and clowned

Try to get loud, I'll leave you dead with a f**kin cloud
I make abortions
I got a f**kin full clip

And my silencer
Makes it more violenter
So mothaf**ka, don't f**k wit me
Cause I'll, be ready to unload my gat until it's empty
I never break a mothaf**ka at his party

I'd rather see him harder than a mothaf**kin bloody gauntlet
And after all the f**kin smoke clears
I'll be on my way to buy a couple of beers
And if your black, you get knocked quick by beastly mallet
I chop up poor punks like salad

I come equipped with the proper utensils
Stab at a (*##$ and then until their bloody blood spills
Cause I'm too paranoid to avoid
I massacre, you'll be one dead f**kin passenger
And this is a message from Captain Carnage, black

And I'm f**kin out like f**kin "Kojak"

My crew mad, we'll kill a @@#!suckin !@$), don't mean to brag
But I'll leave you bloodier than a (*##$es rag
Necro slaughters ^!$$%s in my gory quarters
I drink the blood from my orders
I rape that (*##$ Crystal Waters

No survivors, you'll slide and sink in f**kin saliva
I killed Arnold Shwarzanegger then raped Maria Shleyever
I stick swords in the abdomens of my landlord
Leavin him crippled by cast that got shot in his spinal chord
Hoistin your f**kin head when you get your $$# plugged
Electrocute his death when I dropped the radio in the bathtub
You won't persue your mothaf**kin nerves

When dinner's served, I'll be eatin f**kin human hors deuvors
I got ##&*%$l fluid on my knife
I'm out like the last nut Bobbitt will ever bust to rape his wife

Necrophliac is destined to f**k a corpse

Captain Carnage is destined to murda

Du Riz is destined to hustle

J.E.Z is destined to mug

Gore too, is destined to mug. Die!!!

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