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NECRO lyrics : "big sleep - goretex"

One time for sharp cats, killing so biblical
There's two ghettos, one in the mind, the other physical

The big sleep, put you in line with thugs spiritual
From pyramids to projects, sex and drug criminals

Spit the hype %#@!, bloody knife %#@!
I break out with six pound rounds, hundred miles running like I'm a flight risk
Facing the judge for lacing drugs, base in the chlorine

Making the news, channel two, rocking the venom morgue sleeve
Media bugs, fed her three pills and it was all hugs
Sepinas popping, knocking Henny back until we all buzzed

A new religion, peep the screen play, I play the stoned villain
I stay strapped like its holy to filling
Another slab of %#@! talk, another king of New York

Another bag smoked, while Uncle Howie do the crip walk
We're being watched, I know it's old news, I'm thinking it too
Even my shrink said I'm ok, I guess he's in on it too

Lucky stiff, I was rocking ice down to my wrists

Pumping %#@! out of Canarsie, delis, jelly, and fish
Used to pull gats with cops on it, now the block on it
Non-Phixion, we the reason your rhyming survive on it

Dump in your mouth, we bear back pumping your spouse
I never pull out, there's no disease of cancer of mouth
The most anticipated with the shortest lifespan

With enough quotes of !@%!e, I got Andy Dick as a hype man
I'm a known cannibal, my freezer stink like it's broke
And worse than Jeffery, the preference with Vietnamese folks

You like big #~!!@ knocked off and left in the street
Cracking dutches in your casket where they bury the weak
I got a black six with rims that cost more than your crib

I got a black (*##$ with chrome nipples, stories I live
Ready did blunts, heavy metal pumping through chumps
I keep a gully like I'm having an old friend for lunch

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