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NAUGHTY BY NATURE lyrics : "wicked bounce"

X 4
Don't f**k with us
Watch these ^!$$%s get wicked now

Check it out

X 3

Put em up
What What
Put em up what what

Well here's a shot out to all those who think that we slipped
Doing this ever since 165 North 15th breakdancin with slick

^!$$% what I'll beat your butt
You ^!$$%s on a beef or what
And if I gotta go deep I'll cut

And if you try to face this
The Naughty by the Nature gonna lace this
Track, we be the cream of the pack

Don't come up in my face with bull%#@! 'cause you're bound to get slapped
And then we'll take it to a level where you're gonna get clapped
And then we'll all be up in court, I don't got time for that

'cause I'm, one third, naughty
Look into my eyes yeah you know me
Ain't nobody pimpin like us three

Call us masters, o.p.p
And when I draw the line don't get in the way, I'm paper chasin
Or I'll be cuttin you off like Friday the 13th and I'm Jason

Single don't mingle with ladies hearts I'm a thief
I'm not a virgin but Virgo birthday September 17th
And don't ask me for favors 'cause it'll be just like pullin teeth

I'm on some new %#@! with ^!$$%s 'cause you continually sleep
Don't creep

X 4

X 3

Dun dun dun dun dun dirty the motherf**ker with them jewels on

Did the dirt, turn the news on
^!$$% left layin with his shoes on

With every clue gone
You actin nervous, what'd you do wrong?
^!$$% lookin shady, all fakey all quiet

Ah forget about it when the feud's on
Now wha-what what put em up that's what the party get
I bartend on some naughty %#@!

And don't play that shorty %#@!
We hittin and kickin like (?)
Shakin like (?) chicken like pick pick pick pickin the town

Dickin em down, pickin a hoe, give em a show, the rigamarole
So, if you ever gone report you seen my tribe
I best to pray you got nine lives because your !@#$ eyes lied

(...?...) that's 25 lines motherf**ker you on my side
What you gonna do wanna do talkin all the drunk talk
At least you'll die high

X 4

X 3

Just look don't touch, just tip my (*##$

'cause things get crazy now
Punk motherf**ker gonna pay me now
Got busy got forty got fam got (?) got jet got slash

Diesel do, take apart that $$#
Got another motherf**ker get cash fast
Did dash smash, who you fought last, him or me?
Them or we? Get Hennessy, you memory
Treachery, and to the right of me, it's that ^!$$% uncle Vinnie

What with K Boogie on the break release
The beat don't cease til we double f**kin platinum apiece
Hands touched

X 4

X 3

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