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NAUGHTY BY NATURE lyrics : "mourn you til i join you"

Voice 2Pac:
It's gonna be alright You gotta believe dat

dear god times are changing and the weather got hot
over the past year a lot of ^!$$%s went pop drop

so i thank you for my life and all that i got
i wanna praise you and drop off a message to Pac
i was sitten here lookin at your picture my ^!$$%

puttin hash with the weed wit a mixture of liqour
we can't kick it you ain't wit us is the %#@! i can't figure
^!$$% i miss ya this thug gonna miss ya til i'm wit cha'

it was 90 on the P.E. tour when we mashed down
doesn't even seem like 7 years passed
both rodies now homies out the hood on the scene

you did the humpty with the u i did the walk wit the queen
was a dream smokin and drinkin ?
Stealin' backstage passes to hit ho's and coleseums

? the flip up make them lift they %#@! up
get it the get up lift the trix up and switch up
think of all the times that i rolled wit mine

male groupies got dissed and got the hell out of dodge
they was grindin with the good shine through they were on you
just know i'm gonna mourn you til i join you

Chorus: x2
ashes to ashes and dust to dust

i hope you here me now in god we trust
even all the prayers can't bring you back to us
i'll mourn you til i join you cause i'll keep in touch

we was two lil ^!$$%s both skinny and broke

happy if we scrap pennies for smokes
tours over we were out yeah and you called with the news
you was over in ney york to film this movie called juice

called you back you told me back up me and you
and stretch could shack up
the thug luv back up the act up

? callen for us cause they know we all kicked up dust
you remember when the cabby said daddy wouldn't pick up our rings
you beat his $$# then you spit in his face

i remember on the set from the trailer feens stole your jewls
and big stretch punched him out his shoes
back then i was taken stashes quick who holdin

thats when every piece of bud i was rolen was stolen
we would laugh at the jacks over six packs and yacks
spit the emos over demos thinken ladies and lemos

you was a wild motha f**ka who could never sit still
said you wouldn't rest untill you saw a mill
^!$$% i felt you

we was back an forth burough to projects for forts
damn i wish they knew how much you loved new york
%#@! and can't nobody dis my ^!$$%

motha f**k that i miss my ^!$$%
i'm a mourn you til i join you


You ain't got to worry about how long i'm gonna morn ya,
I'm gonna keep your name on tha streets

Chorus x2

i'm ya true mutherf**ka thug nation alert
keep his name on the street til ya lay in the dirt
this %#@! hurts cause we went from poor to rich

you're supposed to see alot more than this
they brought you up locked you up when you did above the rim
they let you out you called us up we came as thugs again

we were here ah-ha rapist they shout
ya'll was talkin %#@! that ya'll didn't know a damn thang bout
you was going through your stress while your enemies laughed

ain't never take no %#@! and Tupac never took no $$#
f**k the press f**k the world life goes on when you die
f**k the judge f**k the court and every (*##$ that lied
a little time ticked by, my ho and I got rocked
my lady waking me up yelling Treach, Pac got shot

soon as i get there i find Afeni urgin' me
think i missed my baby, don't leave after surgery
so i'm lookin in her eyes while they walkin me through
thinkin Pac hard head what the hell i'm a do
so we kicked it as they stayed and i asked what you need

you say a pound for comin ^!$$% and a hit of some weed
so i asked you not to go over and over god knows
you done smiled and said ^!$$% help me get on my clothes
so we got over that, you held up got locked
? they had you caged when i stopped

yeah the chain remains plus you a part of my link
they f**ked up by givin you too much time to think
i remember your release and we met up in l.a.?
at the ? gettin blazed hand me down with the hay
after that you blew up a made ^!$$% platinum plus

addicted to drama a soldier with a nation of thugs
now we in these savage ages
even yourself predicted that last night in vegas
i heard gatz for ?
my ^!$$% once again damaged
and a part of his heart right here in venice

at the same time you was both loved and feared
M.O.B. and f**kin thug of the year
i'm a mourn you til i join you

chorus x2


we'll mourn - that's what we'll do
we'll mourn - till we're with you

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