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NAUGHTY BY NATURE lyrics : "hot potato"

Mic check 1-2, strap it up, load the beat, @@#! the mic
And your rhyme better be fat, or you might have to fight

Yeah, there's no escape from the terrordome
You know I'm nice when I'm bustin fat rhymes on the metronome
MC's never pass the mic to the Fo$%&^, cause

Once I bust a fat rhyme, you be a has-was
I beat you down on stage and when the battle's over
You'll be leaving your show in a hearse Nova

I'm flippin the x's three times and I'm back again
See, on my way down stage they had me strapped in
But once I hit New York and they losened the chains

I went and bought me a Tec, now I'm wild, insane
I'm on a hunt for a rapper who wanna turn singer
I got my beat-em-down bat and a itchy finger

So if you're nice with the mic and you wanna flip
I'm the rap bounty hunter and it's time to get yo $$# whipped
Yeah, I'm comin from the streets, pop

And please fight back, so you can get dropped
It's time to see who's nice and who can really rap
I smack the taste out your mouth, you wanna be a mack

I'm not tryin to shake the water and wake the gator

But I'ma pass the mic like a hot potato

1 potato, 2 potato, 3 potato, 4

(1 - 2 - 3- 4)

You fly high...
I heard your tape, then flipped the next side lookin for the def side
You couldn't be alright if I erased your left side

Who's wet dried when Treach tried, next died
I'm gonna slide your wet wide, so step side
Any dull raps get the skull caps pulled back full breeze

Blastin your $$# back at full speed
Hoes in flow, you know, bimbo
And won't stop prayin and playin until I'm layin up in fo'

Nowhere to run, nowhere to go
I got a solid hip below the belt t

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