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NAUGHTY BY NATURE lyrics : "craziest"

Verse 1: Treach

My thoughts are thundering tumblin

Sons of (*##$es switches from yelling ta mumbling
You ain't a pal of me my family ties but not wit Mallory
My !@#^ogy ain't for salary as I roll reality thru galaxies

Four centuries it's sent to me with the scent of oiu
Witta chain representing penitentiaries
from Roman town to Borentown

From Newark to Illtown
And all you know from
lifers, Rikers ta foesome

Wasn't driving to fast, I was flying to low
You think I'm rocking too quick, I think you're listening to slow
I'm abrupting construction, a pumping $$#umption

You diss while your family say I'm the best %#@! since f**king
Struckin 'bout an obstruction or turning something of nothing
From more things to more things, it's the rip in every function

Funking it up, pumping it up, chumping the ducks
Looking ta hump Ms. Junk in the trunk, pump pumpin me up


Jersey ^!$$%s are the craziest

New York ^!$$%s are the craziest
DC ^!$$%s are the craziest
Philly ^!$$%s are the craziest

LA ^!$$%s are the craziest
Chi town ^!$$%s are the craziest
Texas ^!$$%s are the craziest

Utah ^!$$%s are the craziest

Verse 2: Vin Rock

My lyrics be laced with 40 ounces of funk and stuff, you get rushed, you
get bust

You call yourself callin my bluff, enough's enough
I'm puttin it down on the real end
This one goes out to all the people who be questioning

my skills, ^!$$%s I been rockin since lee twillz
and we feel that we build careers of steel
So all the rest come up and test but only stress is what you'll find

Vinnie don't write and Vinnie can't rhyme shrinkin
The sleepin MC I eat like good 'n' plenty

Lyrically spankin ya that's why they call me Uncle Vinnie
And oh yes, I just appeal to the masses
young to old folks, the upper, lower, middle classes

They don't begin wit no lying professor

they begin when Vin pick up the pen and pad up off the dresser
Lesser, a man should never challenge a clan
wit thirteen years experience of rippin mic's put in our hands


Detroit ^!$$%s are the craziest
Miami ^!$$%s are the craziest
Little Rock ^!$$%s are the craziest

Oak Town ^!$$%s are the craziest

Verse 3: Treach

I got barbarians to bogard me in
at a club that barred me when

a broad got thrown like barbarnigan born again, thrown aboard
A brim is broke to the back I brawl and band from brains ta balls
Da boots word ta-burr-bam-boo break the loot

Blowing up brain cells BOOM like Beirut
Assume the same suit, f**k that fly %#@! wit the flavor ca shi
Gives last name ain't Suzuki but still my sidekick

Whip that hide quick if ya slide quick, blood clot ya Blood clique
You ain't rolling if our tape ain't what ya ride wit
^!$$%s snipe %#@! so I'm on a knife tip

Like the youngsters 'bout ta take you on some hip-hop ride %#@!
If you ain't jumpin then don't pump it
I'm hittin Jermaine in Atlanta cos he owe me loot for that jump %#@!
F**k astronauts I rock it
and from now on if you bite my style when I see you, I'm in your pockets


Cleveland ^!$$%s are the craziest
Virginia ^!$$%s are the craziest

Kentucky ^!$$%s are the craziest
St. Louis ^!$$%s are the craziest
Atlanta ^!$$%s are the craziest
Maryland ^!$$%s are the craziest
San Diego ^!$$%s are the craziest

Seattle ^!$$%s are the craziest
Boston ^!$$%s are the craziest
Illtown ^!$$%s are the craziest
Zoo Crew ^!$$%s are the craziest
Jersey City ^!$$%s are the craziest

All my Newark ^!$$%s are the craziest

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